Wednesday, March 15, 2006


isn't santa barbara pretty?

I just had to taunt folks with this image from last weekend after the storm cleared. Ali is the person walking in the field.

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Oscar Rrramon

For those of you who haven't met Oscar Rrramon he is my road bike and my friend. As you all know Oscar and I had a bit of a falling out over Christmas, or I fell and took him down with me, yes I think it went something like that. Of course I was more injured in the fall than him, which is great since its cheaper for me to break than for him. So today I finally had time to take Oscar Rrramon into the bike shop to get checked out, and he is back in tip-top, ship-shape condition. And you know what that means, right? It means I'm going riding first thing tomorrow morning. I am like a kid getting ready for the first day of school. I have my outfit laid out on top of my bike: my new jittery joe's jersey, my arm warmers, gloves, leg warmers, and brand new scratch free helmet.

Unfortunately due to my accident last year I didn't make my goal of hitting 3000 miles before the new year. Right now Oscar Rrramon (please roll these Rs) has 2900 miles, which means last year I biked 2602 miles. Maybe I can hit 3000 miles this year. Perhaps tomorrow will be a remake of Forest Gumps running streak except with cycling. I do have three months to make up for.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Love Glove, Mutt Mitt

For the longest time Shasta had a mutt mitt. Its a mitten you can put on and use to brush a dog. The mutt mitt was fabulous because Shasta enjoyed being brushed with it, but eventually it was chewed up by a visiting dog. In the meantime I have been meaning to purchase another one, but have never found one in the pet stores here, and I wasn't motivated enough to order one online. However, today when I stopped by the pet store I found this:

On a similar note, it was Shasta's 9th birthday on Saturday, check out photos of our trip to the beach.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Me too! Me too!

Now I am joining the masses of the way too many people who have a blog. I'm not going to make any promises upfront. I could say that I'll update this on a regular basis, but I might not. I could say that I'll try to be witty and funny, but I probably will not. However, I will at least update this homepage when new photos have been added to my albums. On this note, head over to the albums to see photos from my latest trip to Monterey, along with pictures of my winter break adventures. I will also update when update worthy things occur in my life.

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